What we do at schools

At Forest Tribe, we come to your school and discuss with teachers the best places that would suit the sessions. We make every effort to work alongside the school and complement your curriculum . Risk assessments are carried out before and after the sessions.

Learners are encouraged to feel safe, respected and valued. It is our ethos to build on skills in small steps, once the learners have developed trust, then Debbie will introduce advanced skills such as tools use with close supervision.

Learners will have the opportunity to use tools to make and create wonderful things to take home such as whistles, hanging mobiles to bows and arrows.

When building fires, we go through our ‘ritual’ of fire knowledge, we must learn before we act. Time and patience is acquired through this learning journey and eventually leads to each learner to making their individual fire.

It is as much the process as the end result that creates a sense of accomplishment.

Each session is carefully planned and tailored to suit the group.


forest performance copy
Example of a session linking literacy with Forest Schools taught at Rode Heath Primary School